How to Protect Your Home or Business After
the Storm From Storm Chasers and Insurance Fraud

Mason Dixon Contracting ImagesAlways use caution when speaking with roofing contractors who pose as being local, licensed, insured. We recommend you do not sign anything or offer any monetary payments without checking companies out.

You can find out if a company is licensed by visiting the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation.

Signs you might be dealing with a storm chaser or a contractor looking to commit insurance fraud for a profit:

While Mason Dixon Contracting may be in your neighborhood knocking on doors asking if homeowners need help, you might also be greeted with a knock on the door or a or door hanger by a company you do not recognize.?

Be Careful!! If a contractor is asking you to pull a permit on their behalf to ?save money?, as this is often to protect them because they have no insurance or Workers Compensation, opening you up to potential personal injury, wrongful death lawsuits and more against your homeowners insurance and yourself personally should these workers become injured on the job at your home or business.

All contractors are required to collect the deductible on any insurance claim. While your insurance should pay for any legitimate claims for storm damage, any contractor that is offering you a roof for free without paying your deductible is felonious insurance fraud. Insurance fraud can also be caused by discounting your deductible or mechanical damage that the contractors cause to try and create false insurance claims.

Check the news for historical stories over the past few years on roofing contractors who already have a negative history with:
  • Insurance fraud through false claims, mechanical damage and more
  • High-pressure sales and solicitation harassment in no-solicitation zones
  • Operating without proper licensing, insurance, etc.
  • Using out of state products that do not meet the requirements of Florida weather for UV, humidity and algae, often coming from storm chasers or roofing contractors with offices outside of Florida
Ask for and check the authenticity of the following documents:
  • License and insurance
  • HAAG Certification from the estimators and the company
  • Ethical Trade Organization Membership such as CFRSA, FRSA, etc.

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